Public Projects

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Public Projects

The company is active in all categories of public and private sector projects and performs projects in the following fields:

  • Large-scale construction projects
  • Building constructions
  • Restorations – renovations – special static restoration projects
  • Construction of sports facilities
  • Construction-renovation of urban spaces, squares, parks, degraded areas
  • Construction – maintenance of plumbing – electromechanical projects
  • Industrial buildings
  • Automation

It is registered in the Register of Contractors and holds a degree in public projects in Construction, Electrical, Hydraulic and Road Construction in Port & Floating Projects – Shipyards.

EPEKTASIS GAIA SA achieves through the Integrated Management System in harmonization with the Standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ELOT 1801: 2008 / OHSAS 18001: 2007 the continuous improvement and promotion of the level of Quality, Environmental Management and Health & Safety Management.

It has specialized staff and associates (civil engineers, topographic engineer, civil engineer of infrastructure projects, technical staff), who meet the requirements of the projects, responsibly, based on quality and proper completion of projects. In this context, it creates the necessary construction sites, procures and installs all the necessary equipment, in order to provide the agreed services to its customers.

Also, our company, by concluding Strategic Alliances with specialized companies in Greece and abroad, is active in the execution of complex and special projects. With absolutely positive results in both the private and public sectors, it has the right human resources to carry out a project from design to construction.

Our areas of activity are:

  • Reconstructions of common areas that improve the environmental footprint
  • Construction and modernization of sports infrastructure, recreation areas and playgrounds
  • Maintenance of biological wastewater treatment plants
  • Installation and operation of a remote control-remote control and water leak detection system
  • Waste Management (Collection, Collection, Transportation, Temporary Storage, Processing and Recycling) Operation and Management of Landfills
  • Study, installation and operation of Waste Transfer
  • Underground rubbish bins
  • Municipal studies for energy saving interventions
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Construction of energy saving projects with self-financing
  • Traffic and controlled parking studies
  • Installation and operation of a controlled parking system with self-financing

EPEKTASIS GAIA SA has the immediate possibility of construction of any project, and implementation of any procurement, marketing and service assigned by the public and private sector.