Project Management

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Construction management

In our company we are interested in carrying out the project successfully and the customer to be completely satisfied. For this purpose, we perceive each client and each project as unique and we constantly monitor the flow of work, in order to minimize the problems.

For project management we focus on the following: 

  • project goal setting
  • checking the promotion of the procedures for the issuance of the necessary permits and approvals
  • distribution of responsibilities
  • diligence for the proper and timely succession and overlap of tasks
  • dynamic and continuous project planning
  • full cooperation with the customer, from the planning phase to the implementation phase
  • workshop coordination
  • determination and adherence to project specifications
  • dealing with problems at birth
  • quality assurance
  • adherence to schedule and financial budget

We undertake to coordinate our experienced workshops and trained staff, delivering each project within the agreed time period.

We adhere to the pre-defined specifications of the projects and we use excellent quality certified materials, which meet international standards.

In addition, we provide services for the use of your property, such as:

  • evaluation-assessment of spaces for acquisition of real estate, based on the institutional framework, the planned technical projects and market trends
  • control of land uses and building regulations
  • providing advice on buying a property
  • drafting an economic-technical study for the utilization of the property and its optimal performance (financing scenarios, returns)
  • issuance of building permits, with drafting of architectural, static studies and preparation of an electromechanical study
  • drafting an application study with detailed construction plans
  • full supervision of the construction by monitoring and evaluating the financial data in order to comply with the approved financial planning

EPEKTASIS GAIA SA has the immediate possibility of construction of any project, and implementation of any procurement, marketing and service assigned by the public and private sector.