Study Services

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Study Services

  • Urban control for the institutional framework that governs the property, such as land uses, building factors – coverage, worship, expropriations, implementation acts, etc.
  • Preparation of architectural studies,
  • Preparation of technical, electromechanical, static and other similar studies,
  • Elaboration of environmental, traffic studies and studies on the effects of the proposed site on society as a whole,
  • Studies infrastructure, shaping the land and generally the surrounding area,
  • Study/design green areas.

The study of building projects includes the following stages:


Preliminary study


Final study


Application study


Issuance of licenses

Urban Planning Control – Audit / Studies / Approvals & Licensing

Before starting any construction work and as long as it is assigned to us by the customer, we undertake a complete package of services related to the control of the urban planning status of the property, in which the project will be implemented, the elaboration of studies and the issuance of approvals and licenses by the competent authorities, in order to ensure that the construction of the project will be implemented, without obstacles and bureaucratic entanglements. Indicatively, in collaboration with our specialized partners, we undertake:

  • Issuance of a certificate for the permitted land uses and functions of the property
  • Issuance of certificates for terms of construction, perfection and buildability
  • Issuance of a certificate and control that in the wider area of the project there is no act of the Administration regarding the suspension or cessation of construction works
  • Issuance of certificates and control over issues of expropriations, worships, implementing acts, modifications of road plans, etc.
  • Issuance of certificates from the competent tax authorities of antiquities (after conducting test trials) and the Forest Service to ensure that the property is not located in an antiquities area and in a forest
  • Issuance of certificates on whether or not the property belongs to agricultural land of high productivity, in a Local Organization of Land Improvement Organizations and on the passage or not of irrigation – sewerage and systems, natural gas pipelines
  • Geotechnical study for the particularities and characteristics of the subsoil
  • Architectural studies, both of preliminary level (as a suggestion to the customer for approval), and at the level of definitive studies
  • Technical reports and static studies
  • Landscaping with modern and appropriate methods
  • Technical, electromechanical, fire protection (passive-active) and other similar studies (application studies, etc.)
  • Studies and technical reports on environmental and traffic issues and the impact on the wider region and society as a whole
  • Studies of infrastructure and landscaping projects
  • Green studies and technical reports for the approval of environmental conditions
  • Application studies
  • Approvals and connections for public utility networks (public electricity company, water, natural gas)
  • Preapprovals and approvals for the traffic connection of the project, sidewalk cuts, entry-exit approval (traffic junction)
  • Approval of car parks and car stations
  • Approvals – opinions of the Council of Architecture
  • Permits for the establishment of article 10 of Law 2323/1995 for the approval of the buildable surface of buildings
  • Approvals for the establishment and installation of commercial buildings, if required
  • Building approval and building permit

EPEKTASIS GAIA SA has the immediate possibility of construction of any project, and implementation of any procurement, marketing and service assigned by the public and private sector.