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EPEKTASIS GAIA SA was established and created for the purpose of execution of Public and Private projects, the development and management of real estate as well as the provision of services, such as:

General Construction, Road Construction and Green spaces, Hydraulic, Electromechanical, Port, Industrial, Energy

Study Design, Installation, Maintenance of Fire Distribution Systems - Firefighting - Fire Protection Systems

Operation & Maintenance of Electromechanical Installations

Property management - exploitation, as well as urban, cadastral, legal & licensing arrangement

Supply and Trade of Materials, Systems & Equipment of the above projects, including Information Systems

Architectural, static, energy & environmental, electromechanical studies for technical projects

The company is registered in the Business Register of Contractors for undertaking public works in Construction, Electrical, Hydraulic and Road Construction Projects and in Port & Floating Projects – Shipyards.

EPEKTASIS GAIA SA achieves through the Integrated Management System in harmonization with the Standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ELOT 1801: 2008 / OHSAS 18001: 2007 the continuous improvement and promotion of the level of Quality, Environmental Management and Occupational Health & Safety.

Since its establishment and until today, EPEKTASIS GAIA SA, has marked a significant increase, expanding its activities:

  • The execution of public works
  • The construction & management of commercial buildings, houses, hotels, stadiums, metal industrial buildings
  • All types of renovations and maintenance, repairs, building reinforcements
  • Energy Building Upgrade
  • Systems Maintenance, Computer Installation and Mechanical Equipment

with its own specialized workforce and scientific associates (Architects-Engineers), covering the high demands of the present and the future in building facilities.

EPEKTASIS GAIA SA has the immediate possibility of construction of any project, and implementation of any procurement, marketing and service assigned by the public and private sector.

Also, our company, by concluding Strategic Alliances with specialized companies in Greece and abroad, is active in the execution of complex and special projects, such as


Energy saving projects

Traffic and controlled parking projects

The mission of EPEKTASIS GAIA SA is the best choice, design, study and construction of a fully functional project with reference to the recorded needs of the customer – user with the best possible value for money – functionality, within the available budget and the customer schedule that results in the longest-term placement of customer and investor money.