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If you have an unexploited store, plot and generally real estate and you want to use it with zero risk in order to bring you income, then you should definitely contact EPEKTASIS GAIA SA.

All you have to do is rent out your property to EPEKTASIS GAIA SA and give it the right to lease your property to third parties. All the rest is the work of EPEKTASIS GAIA SA, which with its responsibility and expenses and without any charge of yours will renovate – repair your property or will build it from scratch, and will lease it to a small, medium or even large reliable company. With this clear relationship, you secure for many years a monthly income from the rent that will be paid to you by EPEKTASIS GAIA SA and at the same time, after the end of the lease, you will be left with the renovated or constructed property.


Because we are a technical and construction company with experience in the development and operation of real estate
Because we have the knowledge and the human resources to quickly solve bureaucratic entanglements
Because we have our own funds for the completion of each project
Because we guarantee the payment of rent to you, having the opportunity to even prepay you rent
Because we are trusted by large Greek and multinational companies for cooperation
Because we provide all the package of services required for the best possible use of your real estate

EPEKTASIS GAIA SA has the immediate possibility of construction of any project, and implementation of any procurement, marketing and service assigned by the public and private sector.